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Did you know we did phone too?

M33 Digital Phone Service

Our Digital Phone service is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using an Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Digital Phone starts at $19.99/mo when bundled with any of our services!


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Digital Phone service can allow you to make a call directly from a computer, a special Digital Phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter. In addition, wireless “hot spots” in locations such as airports, parks, and cafes allow you to connect to the Internet and may enable you to use Digital Phone service wirelessly. In other words, you can make a “local” phone call using your laptop and adaptor from, say, the Los Angeles International Airport.

  • Available Phone Features:

    Ever want to know who is calling without answering the phone? When someone calls, your phone’s Caller ID display, if available, will show the number of the person calling.

    By adding Caller-Name to your plan, you can see the name of the person calling you as well as the number.

    Call Blocking
    Stop harassing and unwanted phone calls by blocking certain numbers. This is a feature found only on Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems.

    Call Return (*69)
    With this feature, you can now call back the person who just called you without knowing the number.

    Call Waiting
    With call waiting, you can accept calls even while you’re on the phone. When someone is calling, you will hear a beep on the line; when this happens, simply press the flash button on your phone and it will place the original caller on hold and pick up the other incoming call. To switch back, simply press flash again and you’ll go back to the first person you were talking to.

    3-Way Calling
    With 3-Way calling, you’ll be able to call and talk to two people at once.

  • Ready to sign up?

    If you’re ready to signup for a M33 Access phone account, please contact our offices at 989-685-3027 Today!