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High Speed T1 Line

Blazing Fast Full Duplex Internet

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  • Blazing Fast Full Duplex Internet

    Our  T1 service is coveted by serious gamers and other businesses and individuals who need to simultaneously upload and download files quickly. The low latency of a T1 line is 10-15 milliseconds. Our T1 Line service is available statewide.

    full-duplex system allows communication in both directions, and unlike half-duplex, allows this to happen simultaneously. Land-line telephone networks are full-duplex since they allow both callers to speak and be heard at the same time.

    A good analogy for a full-duplex system would be a two lane road with one lane for each direction. The benefits are obvious: time is not wasted; no frames need to be retransmitted as there are no collisions; full bandwidth is available in both directions because send and receive functions are separated; stations/node do not have to wait until other operations complete their transmission as there is only one transmitter for each twisted pair.

     Starting off data rate is 512k download/upload up to 1.5Mbps download/upload

    Please contact us for more information and pricing on T1 services.

High Speed T1 Line

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High Speed T1 Line

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