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High Speed DSL

Ultra fast high speed internet at a great low price.

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  • Does this story sound familiar?

    You’re sitting at your computer frustrated, trying desperately to load just one page through your slow connection.

    All you want to do is view the photos of your Niece’s wedding, but for the past half hour you’ve done nothing but watch a very sad loading bar.

    You finally see something appear on the page, and just when you feel that glimmer of hope as the first photo begins to load…

    BAAAAAM, you get hit with one of these:

    Connection Timed Out

    Your connection times out, and you have to start the whole download process all over again.

    Are you ready for peace of mind?

    We’re committed to bringing the future to the people of Grayling, Fairview, Mio, Prudenville, Rose City, Roscommon and West Branch.  We go out of our way to cover the  areas other companies forget about.

    M33 Access DSL is fast, efficient and reliable.   You can surf to your heart’s content all while enjoying instant loading photos and smooth streaming video. Speed. Reliability. What have you got to lose?

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    Download  Up to 6 Mbps Up to 12 Mbps Up to 24 Mbps
    Upload  Up to 384 Kbps Up to 512 Kbps Up to 768 Kbps
    Unlimited Data  ✓
    M33 Web Mail  ✓
    Free Tech Support  ✓
    Peace of mind  ✓
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High Speed DSL

Download speeds up to
24 Mbps
Upload speeds up to
768 kbps
High Speed DSL

High Speed DSL is perfect for

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