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Fast dial up internet at a great low price

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  • M33 Access Dial-up

    M33 Access knows there is more to providing our customers good service then just having the most local access across the state.

    Getting connected and staying connected is just one of the benefits of selecting M33 Access as your Internet service provider.

    All access plans include an email service that scans for viruses before they can get placed in your mail box so you have less chance of ever getting hit by a nasty virus.

    Dial up Plans Available:

    Family Plan – Designed for families and small businesses that need to have more access time. This account includes 100 hours of access time per month and one e-mail address.   There is a $0.25 per hour charge for any accounts that go over 100 hours during the 30-day billing cycle.

    Unlimited Surfer – Designed for the serious Web user who needs plenty of time for surfing the Net, e-mail, visiting chat rooms, Net games and more, without having to worry about hourly usage.  This account includes unlimited surfing time and one e-mail address.

    Plan Options

    5X Web Accelerator – Surf Up To 5X Faster – Shift into the “fast lane” with our 5X Faster Web Accelerator! With the new 5X Faster Web Accelerator you can browse Web sites up to 5 times faster! Installing the Web Accelerator speeds up access to Web pages, most graphics and photos, and e-mails.

     PLEASE NOTE: All Dial-up Accounts have an 8-hour per-connection limit.






    Download Speed 52kbps 52kbps
    Setup Fee $19.95 $19.95
    Browsing Hours 100 UNLIMITED
    Over Hours $.25/hr. * NONE
    M33 Web Mail
    Unlimited Data
    Free Tech Support
    Sign Up
    * There is a .25¢ per-hour charge for any Family accounts that go over 100 hours during the 30-day billing cycle.


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