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What do I get with my bundle?

  • M33 High speed DSL
  • Our Premium phone package
  • Free Local Tech Support
  • Dish Network Television subscription

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What is M33tv?

Traditional TV is a flat, inaccessible list of shows and times that require expensive hardware to enjoy the convenience. Exciting things are coming and M33tv is one of them! M33tv is not a content source, but a cool way to find and consume TV.

The Internet is filled with content in thousands of websites; how do you know where to go? M33tv solves that for you. It makes sense of the content out there and brings it down for you, in a personalized way. You even get your own channel with M33tv, based on your likes and dislikes. Plus, it always learns from you, giving you more time to enjoy watching (rather than time wasted searching).
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