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About Us

M33Access is a small company with a big dream.

Before us, there was no internet to be found for the people of Northeastern Michigan.  In fact, the only hope for an internet connection was a mile long waiting list for dial-up at the local library, and even that didn’t guarantee you’d actually get online.

There was an obvious need for reliable internet service, but with our rural area being as expansive and sparsly populated as it is, for a long time there was virtually no one willing to tackle such a huge undertaking.


Meet our President
  • Meet Our President

    Thanks for visiting!  As some of you know by now, when I first brought my family back home to Northern Michigan, I had my heart set on a nice little career as a software engineer, consulting with various companies around the world. All I needed was the Internet.

    Silly me. I picked a town with access so limited that the lady at the local library, the only place available to sign up for Internet service, told me it would be months before I could get an account. There were 32 people ahead of me, all as desperate for service as I was!

    But I didn’t wait. In fact, I told that librarian I would build the biggest network she’s ever seen. Her response: “Oh, would you please? We could really use a good network.”

    That was in 1999. And today? Welcome to our world, which consists of one of the largest wireless broadband grids of its kind on the planet.

    We’re proud to have you among our network that includes thousands of individual business and educational subscribers in a grid that provides service throughout Northeast Michigan and beyond. And as you’ll see as you browse these pages, we’re marching forward into the new century with cutting-edge technology to provide services that go far beyond those once-coveted basic dial-up accounts.

    We’ve made our new customer site highly interactive, with plenty of points of interest off the Information Superhighway to enable to spend your time online most productively. And this is just the beginning; we’ve got lots more we’ll be adding in the coming weeks and months to make it even more enjoyable, so stay tuned.

    Finally, thank you for your business. Never will we take for granted the opportunity you’ve given us to serve you.


    Glenn A. Wilson, Sr.
    President and CEO
    M33 Access

    Our Mission Statement

    “M33 Access will provide superior technological resources operated by the finest technicians to provide a wide range of high-speed Internet and telephone services while distinguishing itself for unparalleled reliability, customer loyalty and satisfaction throughout rural Northeast Michigan and beyond.”

  • M-33 Access is a fast-growing, Michigan-based company that is revolutionizing how broadband can be delivered to users in an effective and cost-efficient manner. I am thrilled with the entrepreneurial spirit behind this company.
    ~ Gov. Jennifer Granholm

    He’s overwhelming at the beginning, and the hardest part is always getting to believe he can deliver what he says he’ll deliver. But he’s continuously delivered on everything we’ve ever talked about. That’s been most impressive.
    ~ Tim Scherer, Director of Institutional Services Kirtland Community College, on M33 founder and President Glenn Wilson

    He talks big, and he’s always thinking big. But Glenn won’t commit to something unless he knows he can do it. And he’s always been there for us.
    ~ Brad Green, owner of Ace Hardware stores in West Branch and Rose City

    We took a risk going with M33. We could have gone with Charter, the cables were here and had a sure thing. But Glenn’s attitude sold us. He’s passionate about getting the Internet to people who can’t get it. And he’s proved his technology works – at a very reasonable price.
    ~ Guy Skarin, Technology Director, Tawas Area Schools

    This area was starving for a good Internet access company. Where we live, it’s a lot easier than taking the kids to the library like when I was a kid.
    ~ Kevin McElroy, an M33 Access’ Net4Kids customer from Rose City

    From being the first company to offer widespread local Internet access to this latest advancement, M-33 Access has shown strong commitment to our region of the state. . . offering a critical tool in improving the quality of life in Northern Michigan.
    ~ State Rep. Joel Sheltrown, West Branch

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